G.W. Bush Jr. Geodick or War For Dollar

a unique footprint of twentieth century dinosaur, a dying species, captured in word, picture, sound. the nazist regime lost one particularly bloody and bestial war, crude industrial fascism won the kind of peace that followed.

there was only war ever after, cambodia, laos, vietnam, korea, guatemala, guantanamo, poland, czechoslovakia, honduras, afghanistan, chili, argentina, spain, portugal, algeria, indonesia... anyone left behind, dr congo?

money money, more money, iraq, iran, palestine, israel, and back to lebanon. a crude exploitation of property in sudan, burma, zimbabwe, australia, rather an enterprise, tibet, panama, and columbia, let's not forget columbia and holy war on drugs and their evil lords. war over property ever after, militant industrial fascism in full swing. see the seth list for details.

crude, primitive exploitation augmented by rapid technological development, things called goods quantified and replicated ad what must had looked like infinitum to those twentieth century feudal warlords overseeing mass production. and keep shopping my fellow americans, keep shopping for god's sake, the president said just the other day.

this industrial age machinery, nuts and bolts, jobs and deaths, is epitomized in individuals such as henry kissinger and paul wolfowitz, or mickey mouse for example. but they are all just small potato in this game. the twentieth century cybosaur has a life of its own. it's an omnivorous, and it is maintained, kept oiled, by mass consumption which is coming to an end now. the environment cannot sustain such a gobbler anymore.

can't sell war on ideological grounds alone anymore, privatize it would be better right here, a number of players, institutions capable of waging a war, and they would have to compete for the job. only then can we reasonably expect to get rid of alienated and uprooted young people who, like anarchist, fascist, the fascists and Marxists before them, Bolsheviks, and other members of the bottom line any game, see ideology as the answer to their personal search for identity their alienation comes from back in a homeland they would understand who they are, but not here, they are not really part of our way of living. either that, or back to the end of history. shouldn't it be sterilized doctor? very likely, but there is no time.   more