authentic alien

This cut-up machine is based on a design by Gary Leeming of Grazulis.

It works on principles similar to those used by William Burroughs in his literary work. The machine creates new images from texts fed to it, by breaking them up into pieces, which are then rearranged into new combinations of words and images, generating ever new characters and storylines.

Type or copy & paste some text into the boxes, set the dice & splice values, hit the "Cut It Up" button, and get it moving. Have fun, experiment with different text combos and dice & splice settings. Break the molds of thinking, rules of grammar, release words, images, sounds, from straitjacket of cultural inhibition and viral neural-wiring. You may gain some insight into new, often unsuspected, almost as if hidden, meaning contained in these words, images, sounds.

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