Geodick Briefing




G.W. Bush Jr. ...Mr. Vice President Cheney, Dr. Rice, Dr. Fukuyama, followed by a lengthy list of distinguished individuals, featuring Mr. former Secretary Of Defence Rumsfeld - no, I don't see Dr. Fukuyama very much anymore ever since long before the shoe accident - the media, the Paul... no, not Paul, he's gone too, a busy man, no time for history him anymore - and of course, the American people without whose support this show would not be possible in the first place. Keep shopping my fellow Americans, we need every dollar you can spare, trust me, I'm your former President Bush, a huge anglophile, you remember me, don't you?

Now, let me repeat again what I have said elsewhere: if, the day before 9/11, the Security Forces had arrested twenty people, ten of them armed with 20p plastic box cutters, and then the SF say, these guys were up to no good, there was a plan to wipe out the WTC, the Pentagon and, mind you, the White House, with those box cutters, you know, no doubt you would have said it was something out of good old coke and booze days.

Alright, I can hear voices of scepticism, but I'll tell you, the security services consider it a success when nothing happens, like that huge giant whale of a plot the British foiled once upon the time, yet, just in time - good work Leslie! - but that doesn't mean something nasty wasn't going on, right Tony, Mr. Brown? - we've all seen what happened to the Towers, right, and we can't allow something like that - or even worse - to happen again, not in our country, or that of our PM.

All right, I'll shoot it straight with you folks - we need Guantanamo like hostes bell dongs, now more than ever, young Americans and old alike.

And now Lou, Jammie, Jammie you said Urban Life In Florida, all right now - cut: radio! - it's war, ours and theirs, Asbestos Halli Vs Chemical Alli in a live, televised debate. Collection of intelligence, analysis of intelligence, boy it's tiring never perfect, it is clear that the way forward will be painful for everyone involved. Xmas I was doin' good. Now that's Chinese for ya Joe it was the Chinese who took my plane down the Awacs and then I trashed them but then Colin sorted it out and our boys and girls were back home for Xmas, now, that's nos-tal-g'a for you George, said Condi just the other day, she did, thanks God for Condi now that Colin's gone she's the only one I can trust like trade deals my States - Saudi Arabia, 4:0, Holland, boy I like those small potato countries doing what they're told to do, otherwise stay put, you understand, and don't talk.

A word or two on rights, humans, earthlings in general, does no harm to an honest man - China energy Brazil before you know it - I don't mind being a nice guy, you don't go bully people when you go to China, they don't like it rockin' d kaz-bah, Richard says, number of trade deals, you see, I heard that, I sure did not like Donald you see he said he was gonna get mulla Omar before Xmas, but it didn't happen. Maybe this Xmas, he didn't say which year.

TV says mulla is a 40 years old man with one good eye, but I'll tell ya intelligence people say he's a lot fortier than that and I'm not sure about the eye neither. More like Geodick, this new tool in war for dollar. Geodick's not a cyborg, Condi says, more like an onderwater-ademt reuzepijlinktvis size d'un small camião or one great octopus - Which Travelers Have Hostile Intent? Cogito May Have The Answer - comes all over me with all them forein words Condi does I can taste them on my lips don't think the guys like me much though margin for error getting smaller.

He didn't fight didn't fly a mission back in Nam not a drop of nap from his plane boy they say he didn't have no balls that's why had no balls thousands of innocent lives saved.

Our enemies are innovative and resourceful and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people and neither do we, they say, they say no good for college neither, no brains, L'université American another time, sculls, bones, this and that, coke, more booze, effective reunion, and then they say let it be me. Had to steal a vote or two down in Florida, look at da bro bro is a go down in Florida, no brains flying even so gonna cut my legs down in Florida: speed race -

intelligence dead wrong al-Zarqawi Condi says disinfo them rougeish conspiracy theoreticians al-Zarqawi exists not dead mulla Omar exists not invented by TV people what I mean: the little people that live inside every TV set. Oil mass failure oil too, except for selected members of our society who have made a shitload of money since that industrial scale killing in Iraq begun - and that's the truth of it - some individuals just know how to make money out of anything that's mass scale and then the guys they said payback time let it be me down in Florida.

Blair, Bush, Saddam Yes, certainly, my intelligence people, it failed yet again, same old dollar American irritation the errand uranium bit partnership Russia Israeli republic well versed approximately perhaps medically induced reality same place another time wave function unfolding shrodinger cat going 21st century high-tech Lenin.

Fellow Americans, I do have a heart and if this was peace on Earth you know if there was anything anyone could do you know I would have been the first a great prezidente and best friend with Hugo and Fidel, but Ken, but when Dick turns this blue then it's a universal truth y' know he's never gonna fuck again boy it's time to cut and run still years to go this country behind in Baghdad, now that there is nothing left to say baby why don't we just slip away if mullah could do it I can do it too.

Grizzly pics Rudy and coupla Saudi sheikhs don't like it rockin' d kasbah metal machine counter oil gearing track $$ to $$ for victim's blood follow the man's tracks NYPD vs NYFB streets of New York - gentlemen please! -
Paul Wolfowitz let's pause for a second to salute the holiday bonuses coming to New York's finest the Wall Street denizens celebrating their third or fourth most profitable year ever - many more will have to die captains of industry say Rudy says this not enough and please do keep shopping I'm not joking for God's sake my fellow Americans the president said the other day.

Paul is doing well though spending $8 billion a month in Iraq, $2 billion a week, or $267 million a day, or $11 million an hour, definitely a winner in this dirty war for dollar. He's got a new job with a big bank in New York where it all started, from big bang to big bank in less then a lifetime from unfolding terrorist plot to some fairly loose talk boy some people just know how to talk that loose talk the right moves, or was it Geneva, he's a worldly person now a little batman in his own right just like Henry boy you know what was the headlines september the eleventh two thousand and one before the planes hit and then everything changed Belgian constitution changed only Dick and Donald are still same as always.

Poverty inherited arson death camps I'll tell ya is a model camp that's how we want to run this operation - this is now officially confirmed as well - Guantanamo is that place where people go when they want to commit suicide in peace far from preying eyes of the Red Cross, activist judges, rapporteurs of one kind or the other, all PR exercise, tabloid press, we can buy a shitload of lawyers anytime, they are dime a dozen, and they'll keep chewing on this shit until everyone is so thoroughly brainwashed that they can't tell a difference between a dead civilian and a damaged piece of collateral anymore. Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell People queuing up to be transferred to Cuba, Pentagon can't cope with applications anymore, Dr. Rice said, Jack says, just the other day, people have the right to protest, and if they want to they can kill themselves too, we respect their choice. Whatever happened to Alastair Campbell, now that he apparently gave up pornography?

Liverpool you don't want to know those other places, train spotters plane spotters get coordinated these birds migrate fast moving people from place to place is a part of treatment. Tortured people of the world. Then let them loose at any point in this process in any of those countries dead alive disappeared stateless you got to keep the thing going the feedback machine you understand and they will confess anything to anyone who asks - more garbage makes good profiling - you never know when you may need it, the legal details, never mind the legal details, who's asking?

Porter J. Goss, yet another potato on the long road to Iraqi freedom and democracy, gone but not forgotten, why not show us some honest-to-god proof that water-boarding and the rest of it saves lives. The new man in place in time, No1 priority now, damage control - disentangle the CIA from the DIA from the NSA look for bad apples scape goats rhesus monkeys watch the FBI watch it go around and don't you dare patronize the American people.

Comadante turned the newspaper men away with a thin brown hand, Much politics that guy, it's better to be just technical -- on a matter of this importance, we simply cannot afford failures of such magnitude.

Dick Cheney High status professional males deficient in capacity to produce imagery 170.000 to work on Homeland Security. Move Israeli republic as single. The heroin, the radio, the occupied territories. Overall strategy in the United States this the dark hair paranoia incident merely local. British armoured personnel carrier in Iraq, the Pentagon in about Iraq, the coalition in about allover Iraq way beyond a mere perfume store and going strong. This week qu'aurait summer a wall flattened giant police station unfolding by a null that's understood. L'administration Mpoys d'accord. Force used l'argent this operation although n'avait no casualties in a conventional sense as no jusqu'à explanation for the Shia militia. Radio gear and die tomorrow - we was gone, no medical kit.

Condi Rice is a grassroots is a lightweight: we invest our best profilers in da room all facts gathered for them the Intelligence gathered around PCP we tell them: contour contour till you stumped. Assault rifles, a light machine gun, television cameras roll anti-tank weapon, administration - not that she's dumb - she's smart - but merely appointed by the chief Mpoys. Prime attribute loyalty to he-boss no matter how dumb. In that sense, she's more like TV channel footage equipment you may know this like secretary of da state kinda type chase the costumes she shall wear carried in the man's car, dress from who knows where, I'd come to hate my body, and all that it requires in this world. Driven nuts by some people flying bolts around for no good reason at all.

Says Rice says, we also expected more, a manifesto or something, but than again, all we got the wedding tape, you remember Kandahar shotgun wedding Jammie, don't you, but it's him allright, the thin guy with a black beard. And they sit there and they talk and they talk, and I'll tell you I'd also like to know, and quite completely, what are they so discreetly talkin' about. Our intelligence does by day grow, if not by hour, or possibly even faster than light it points miles under the ocean and into a large cave, and we all know what that means and how many innocent lives it has saved so far, no, not the water boarding, I'm a surfer myself, just rendition. Now, this growing body of intelligence is a poser I tell you that, says Dr. Rice, imagine there is a monkey out there surfing the net at will generating random data, and over here, you know, the quiet places that cause the smallest taste of what may be, we have one trained to operate profile generating software a sophisticated operation not a big deal the enter key the software the rest I tell ya it does feel like god indeed the monkey the enter. The problem is you see the sheer amount of data will guarantee that any sample of such data if sufficiently large will result in our personnel over here coming up with one profile after another flight after flight eight countries four continents six days - 8 4 6 N 379 P - sounds Swedish to me, certainly interesting from the intelligence point of view. How do you tell the difference between a profile generated by a terrorist and one generated by a renditionist? Personally, I hate big decisions that cause endless revisions in my mind, and I can only imagine you can't even begin to imagine so you strongly think with me, think of something simpler, look for weapons of mass destruction still the WMDs like Hostess bell Dongs they are a threat to us young Americans and old. No, I really don't think those guys were up to any good, so I would say we can shoot them and kill them, and if we can't find them, there is always an army of the Taliban, thousands upon thousands of illiterate peasants, the infamous spoilers of democratic process, a crude form of human shield, but it's alright - if you have a shitpile of crap you can't sell anymore, stocks of napalm, depleted uranium, you name it, it's always convenient to have a place to unload, the Pentagon has to relieve itself from time to time. We trained them to do it outdoors, you understand, you can't just pile up all that shit in your own country indefinitely. Dick and Duck are in charge of these operations, and maybe me when I'm older. The president too says Rice says he was happy to see it all turned out to be so quite so simple. Some say we may even get him before Xmas and anyway Mr. Secretary said they can all surrender now that one Zarqawi is dead, in one minute or was it one second if they want to, so Jammie I would say any more questions, Lou? Do you think that war is a legitimate political instrument, you know, just curious...

No, Jammie, says Condi says, we don't really know where any of these guys are and even if we do, what about it. So, I would say, I'm gonna continue to watch the bluebirds fly over my shoulder, and you guys, you continue to play your role of the journalists, a technological drive behind the cost of this bloody mess, a definition Lou, a new definition of what is a superpower these days, and if Jack can keep up with his supporting role, then I could add mine to an overall picture, general image, what do you think I see, let them eat cake, it's our our way of living.

And don't you dare patronize American people, ambassador Bolton goes nuts when somebody patronizes American people, as if American people are stupid and don't see that this country is being run to hell by a gang of the mediocre and the deprived, just like John Kenneth Galbraith once said, he said those Nazist heads were just one such a mediocre bunch of deranged criminals and mass murderers.

Donald Rumsfeld He was this big folks though questions have arisen over how Zarqawi died since we revealed he had still been alive following the bombing of a safe house by US planes. God, I shouldn't have said that but I know what I think and I think what I don't know. It's hard to believe then, the man is so thoroughly dead on the ground and yet he still resists us here in the Interzone, in fact he scored a whole lot better than Dick Marty for example. And if you jokers don't understand why that is, I'll tell you, boys and girls, it's Format. Dick is publishing in pdf, you understand, wast majority of the population of this planet doesn't even know who is this Pede Aef, or who the fuck he thinks he is, while we have images, we have videos, good presentation General.

Thank you, Sir. We are in a process of cutting a deal in that direction with some people in California, I think by the time we get bin Laden, Sir, we might be able to display his head, full 3D hologram Sir, full color, parallax and the rest of it, we can rotate it clockwise, Sir, counter-clockwise, we could practically do anything we want with him, Sir, if the deal get's through, the Congress, Sir.

Two times 230kg dont think of this as some act of noble justice more like a mob boss being taken out by rival gangsters, it's hard to keep accurate count but I figure Zarqawi's death is a Turning Point number 381 in the long glorious march towards Iraqi democracy and freedom, it was actually two 500lb bombs US planes dropped two 500lb (230kg) bombs on his safe house near the city of Baquba on Wednesday, amazing isn't it that the body was found almost untouched not even as much as a bruised lip, a broken nose, and you shouldn't even think about his brains and guts allover the place, or, the worst case scenario - no face at all - especially when you see the destruction the house he was in Iraq more violence with five butchers shot dead in a shop in Mosul and three deaths in a Baghdad bombing. Conclusion: the bodies were blown from the house with a 1,000 lb impact a split second just before the big bang, I would say it was perhaps even less than a split second, but that's quantum physics, not my area of expertise, I'm a - and I emhasise this: "a" - defense secretary, but beyond that, father, husband, a citizen Rumsfeld. General?

Donald Rumsfeld, Pentagon After US troops arrived, Zarqawi tried to move off the stretcher where he had been placed. Everybody re-secured him back onto the stretcher, but he died almost immediately thereafter from the wounds he had received from this air strike, 2 times 500lb and the man not only survived it, two direct hits, but and with a little facewashing it was him again, the el-Zarqawi we all know from numerous pictures of a fattish man with a black beard, except for the eyes, we couldn't fake the look in those eyes even if we wanted to, so they are closed, the eyes, nothing more to see in there anyway, it was like a pair of dead crab's eyes staring at you from the top of a hard-earned pile of stocks.

Thank you, General. Now, that's not what a father would like to see on his dead brainchild's face, a stare like that, would he, so, we thought, let's have the eyes closed, we want children to be able to watch this too, just a finishing touch, but the rest is alright the pop, also, art kind of thing, Andy would have loved it with that sober still golden frame around his flattened face, two times 500lb folks, high military explosive no mickey mouse, I would say we were just plain lucky, one of those unknown unknowns you understand, good apples, good judgement, good, good intelligence, collateral damage, General?

Suffice it to say, we killed more for less before, Sir, and we will continue to do so. Which brings us to legal details: we called Dr. Rice but a secretary told us Dr. Rice does not want to talk to us on any of these issues and then she hung up, so I would say, it's back to you, Sir.

Alright General, thanx for that. Well, on the operational side, I can say we have done all in our power to make procedures as simple and straightforward as possible, so that our soldiers can follow them even under the conditions of most severe stress and terror to which they are exposed daily for months on end. How do you think it feels to be up for five days, speeding and lonely, and all you can say is if only, if only I had a little, if only I had some change, if only if only if only, how do you think it feels? That will say, we removed the "ask questions" out of the known script altogether, you just don't ask any, neither first, nor later, I'll tell you, there is no difference between first and latter when it comes to split second decisions. Additionally, we can't expect all of our troops to speak fluent Arabic, you understand, and you can't have heavily armed foreigners running around, hunting around always shouting in a foreign language neither, Iraqis don't like it, it's their country after all, so we say, just zero in on a target quietly, and then shoot. Whether you're shooting from a cockpit of a gilacopter, from deep under Cheyenne Mountain, not to mention if you're on the ground surrounded by an invisible enemy, and you're afraid of sleeping, you know they are out there and after you, how do you think it feels to be like wolf and foxy, to always make love by proxy, how do you think it feels, and when do you think it stops? Now, I'll tell ya, that's not your average 24/7 stuff, and as my friend and colleague Mr. Karzai once said, you don't want to know about it neither, so let's just forget about it and turn the other way, towards the future, the past was also unknown before we found out about it, so I would say, Lou, any questions, Jammie over there, Jammie you have a question?

That's right Dr. Rice, leave both, country and western, to Dick - Richie - Donald, there was nothing extraordinary about it in the first place, all I meant was it was something no one ever heard of that's all that there ever was extraordinary about rendition you see. It was just a soundbite folks we never meant anything real by it why now everybody makes so much fuss about it driving ms Secretary nuts only wanted to get rid of a relatively small amount of what other people would call a large number of individuals for all kind of reasons errors in concept language error is a fuzzy one. I’ll leave to linguists the technical definitions. Here we’re concerned only with deviations from the standard use of known technics as judged by sophisticated users such as USA, EU, additionally teachers and corporate executives and personnel officers as soon as possible and no questions asked. Now, you can't get that by extradition gotta be inventive and that's how we came up with it it was a brainstorming session at Dick's rendition somebody said now that's extraordinary somebody else said and before you know it nobody's talking about anything else driving everyone here nuts and bolts.

George Bush Oil gearing but not enough dick you understand there is more money to be get from the and the tax payers needda be protected against drugs and their lords protected against freedom hating terrorists and their hideous networks in our midst and gene stealing shrub dwelling aliens allaround speaking in general. Now this will cost some serious dollars no payer discount over security about mickey mouse and back to goofy for on rancho relaxo today we kill tomorrow we die.

America is that's right it's not about honest-to-god, right or wrong, up or down, it's about mediocracy rule, stalemate, lack of concern in Azerbadjan and beyond imagination. Let's now jump to conclusion first, the strongman, compound stormed early today, president drives his subjects nuts as the death toll approaches 23, we'll arrive there eventually, an image to maintain in this psi-machine, framework, take a sample: the president of Turkmenistan is both head of state and head of government in a single-party system ruled by president for life, one Saparmurat Niyazov and knowing it it's exactly about all ears all eyes on steel manufacturers aluminum manufacturers oil for food dealers shoe makers night vision goggle makers hot air traders anthrax manufacturers downy sins uncanny little postcard but than again new interest in Kyrgyzstan no time to rest. A focal point for Central Asia, make your case seeing it happen.

Dick Cheney Gonna shoot it straight with you people, a separate operation, it concerns an army of the dead who travel in time and set out to alter retroactively the course of hisstory - at this stage, a new skin is all I care about - get this: you are D-G-AD - the geodick administration - which is another way of saying you are back in the army, how to build effective weapons from materials available, who makes them available, what makes them effective, We may never know what businesses he had there or why they shook hands, stuff like that - always trace the works, streetlight fancies, money launders, ermine fur adorn the imperious book accountants, the usual suspects.

Moreover, in addition, we lie don't and then the always trace the works. Since he feeds on yellowcake yellowbellies, shiny boots of leather, there is still time, precisely for no good reason by no means all not exist nothing one could do also if it existed you knows, whiplash girlchild in the dark. It ate probably certain WMDs and stored the rest for later - and I like to emphasize this: for LATER, not now, right now I am tired I am weary I could sleep for thousand years thousand dreams, what would awake me? Iran, Syria, different colors made of tears, good gun, stuff like that, I'm a simple guy, good American. A definition Lou, a new definition, what is it that makes an American tick as a brick these days.

And if you think I'm laughing my head off telling you to go and suck my dick, you're wrong, just plain wrong. I'm not doing that, full period, LMHO. I mean, it's true, I am a mass murderer, but, America is proud of me all the same, and the US Americans would never - repeat: NEVER - prosecute me for my otherwise gruesome crimes. One million and two hundred thousand Iraqi civilians killed so far, according to the International Red Cross, eighty percent of these 1.200.000 killed by us. That's right, Lou, Jammie, we are all in this together, up to our eyes, aren't we Dr. Rice, Dr. Fukuyama.

Thus the Chairman the Mpoys was right: Irak had sure WMDs, can't them we find eaten giant air breathing squid a size of small lorry or a big octopus.

Finally, this new tool in war for dollar, the Geodick, it's not a robot and I can to you say it's no cyborg neither.

Alright, my job is we're gonna build weapons and I mean weapons designed to kill and not only one enemy at the time if the wind is right. We have ingredients we have time nobody pays no attention to this godforsaken oil and mineral rich lands discussed the drawings in the midlle of nowhere holidays here and there Central Asia perhaps or thereabout government riding high on war fervor touches a detail or two when it can and forget what you know already: the first step in appending anything new, forget everything you know about cut-up machine made laws, regulations, trigger parts, bits of concentrate arms fire power, but rather think in terms of how to get the most killing power from where you are to where they are. Look at what the enemy does not have, the thing that they don't have
Republican Party that is the easiest for you to acquire, and if you jokers don't know what that is, well I'll tell you boys, it's a predator, or a buzz, you sure want one or two, three, four, an apache propelled from a launcher, good military grade anthrax fired from a cannon or dropped from a CIA flight after flight after flight.

Kiss a boot, shiny leather, we promise beautiful capital city like the House White, shiny leather in the dark awaits you there. Sample promise, tongue of thongs, a belt that does await you, or else you can always taste a whip, in love not given lightly, all cards are still on the table, now plead for me. Or that or da bleeding bug stolen ballots lacking down in Florida nell'elezione 2K. Subjects gone objects, plug pulled, Army Of The Dead, legal measures, protect the official results, election to be declared valid on Monday, the population's craving for the status quo, Kyrgyzstan this time, it's hard to keep track on all those names just in case you thought that being the VP is mickey mouse.

Back home west we go to court Donald Dick Paul my man anthrax coming up strong. Strike, dear mistress, cure his heart. As if we need further proof here is a little story all truth and host of other people who wish to remain anonymous had to laugh at that house white god knows for the time being doing no such thing reputation definitely not a bug very definitely a friend this pretty little postcard from Kazakhstan. Should have kept the history now trace the works the White House the Pentagon and see how the words move around and get assembled 05062003 a three year extension the U.S. base 05122005 23:41 two years and six months to day Kyrgyzstan Russia to station its own forces in Kant China 3+3 and psi-machine Emperor Wu speaking rendered -

saw him operation although n'avait no casualties stop met him interviewed him stop as no jusqu'à explanation the failed to recognize him stop shia militia radio gear and how sad stop hisstory all die tomorrow - we was past now stop history irrevocably gone no medical kit stop

Donald Rumsfeld, Saddam Hussein Our plan now, war on terror running out of steam, the thing is, money, anthrax, asbestos hitting the Administration as it examines the trap: Dick has a weak heart to bail him out of da shit, he thinks, that's confirmed now, your servant, dont forsake him, strike, dear mistress, cure his heart, you know, the Pinochet Syndrome. Donald he's staying he could do with a new job too but his cv got somewhat tarnished lately yeah he's gonna stay with Richie Saddam a lot of small potato good ol' gang back together a reunion of a kind and they'll fight it to the bitter end. He had him in his hands once Donald did he grabbed Saddam by the hand and shook him boy he shook him hard like a man but then he let the other guy go and that's shit now you never know Saddam was a friend then to be sure and Donald could not benefit from end of the road you understand no map in sight if he only didn't let him go thousands of innocent lives yeah I think they gonna pin that anthrax on Donald too. I mean general is a weak man that's why they appointed him in the first place but Dick you can load only so much on a weak man's back there is a gap here, no The our company one nation hazard enormous chu-khu inside a sack the $8710 approved $70 hammers hundred million $60 billion or two good $600 toilet seats seasons. High-risk strategy does profit quite noizy thing satisfied war $5.8 billion meals $221 million kickbacks $6 million is like that works eagerly possibly undercover no detail provide the man with money I'll tell ya Guantanamo is no mickey mouse model camp eats money like Hostess bell Dongs a huge legal jewel right out of da ash hot croft arse.

Did I ever tell you about an empty suit with deep pockets worn by a man who wishes to remain unidentified. He thought his asshhhole to talk, his whole abdomen would move up and down as assh farted out words it was like nothing I have ever heard ugly tick stagnant sound the government had disrupted an unfolding terrorist plot to attack the United States by exploding a radioactive dirty bomb the sound one could smell. Say now Dick d'Brick, such assh eventually learns to talk for itself and it grows small sharp teeth allover the place cuts and runs out of sight now that it can speak and eat and shit all on its own.

In conclusion, Donald Dick Paul my man Paul vs Reality there is a problem here: golfing. You're leaving a long golfing trail stretching for decades back in time, senior golfing partners, mentors, the fellows you own something one way or another, dig, a big problem one of these days soon, big bang, big bank, big problem, you know, west is all about triads. Then we have a documentary, some time ago it will pop up out of nowhere one day the video tapes they do quoting from memory and then at the end Adolf Eichmann during the trial he took the stand and he said he was just obeying orders, Why me, he said, I was a good patriot, a good law obeying citizen, a loyal party member, a good husband and a good father, a model citizen, doing the job my country asked me to do. Then Lee she asked him how about a human being Adolf, which comes first, chicken or egg, and then Eichmann he looked down for a moment, and then he rose his head and he said Yes, as a human being I do feel responsible. See Paul my man Donald Dick Eichmann got a clue before he was gone do you need an old dead thing like me to tell you what that means? The odds, Richard, of finding the passport of one of the hijackers, on the ground, in plain view shortly after the towers collapsed, stretches negative odds almost to infinity. And make sure your hunting licence is properly stamped, you don't want another Dresser quail-hunt, do you. Now, I bid you a fond good evening, and those blessings that are mine to give, I give you.

Dick Cheney Quail Hunt

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